Witaj Marku!

This summer, we welcome Marek to our R&D team. A young Polish student, Marek, was looking for a summer job during his two year Masters in “Optimization in Operations Research” (ORO) at the University of Nantes: he knocked on GIDE’s door and we are all very pleased!

A bright spark, a little geeky on the edges, Marek is going to help us experiment, or even materialize, an Innovation project which has been trotting about in our heads for a while: take our CAWI system to the Raspberry Pi, to turn this tiny low-cost PC into a mobile and autonomous CAWI server as well as a WiFi access point! A solution that can come very handy for collecting face-to-face interviews via PCs or tablets, in places where the Internet connection is unstable or nonexistent: showrooms, shops, etc.

And because this blog is also a good way to share with you the life of GIDE from the inside (if that is of interest to you!), Marek and Charlie, who is leading the project, are going to regularly keep us updated about the project through various articles. Stay tuned :-)

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