Hello World !


For several months, its access was reserved to some users: now – GIDE‘s blog – is open to all!

As you will realise from reading the first articles, this blog is not intended to become a business tool for GIDE, but a medium to exchange views with internet users who share the same interests as GIDE’s team: research studies (social, marketing or opinion), innovation, social networks, Quali and Quanti, mobile, statistics, Big Data, Web, open software, etc. It will also allow us to share our experience in the use of emerging tools or the implementation of methodologies and new technologies. Lastly, throughout the articles, we will try to provide a different point of view, even provocative, about the (small) world of research …

This blog, therefore, complements our accounts on social networks, including Facebook and Twitter (@gidenet), through which we will alert you when there is a publication of a new article. And we will make sure that these articles are as frequent as possible!

Anyway, our blog is also yours: do not hesitate to respond and challenge us via the comments section.

Happy reading then and see you soon:-)

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