Good resolutions in 2016, for you too?!

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Whilst each research project fascinates us, one of our favourite projects is new year’s resolutions!

After an internal survey, the wishes of the GIDE team for the new year include:

  • closer and more accessible communications,
  • the publication of our many ideas (hopefully quite worthy of interest!),
  • solutions for everyone (advertisers, brands, research institutes,…) and available in SaaS mode.

So, in 2016, we aspire to an even greater difussion, an effervescence of ideas, whether you are an internet user passing through or an avid reader! We have taken up again our Linkedin and Twitter accounts that will now abound with customer case studies, news from the wonderful world of research studies and our thoughts and findings.

Discover also the forthcoming launch of some new “powered by GIDE” products dedicated to “Customer Experience”, amongst them: the Customer Effort Score & Net Promoter Score! These new propositions will be coming to your browsers throughout 2016, with versions Freemium and Business!

Finally, for 2016 we’ll offer even more original and powerful questionnaires, ever more efficient web analysis and reporting, and quality and innovation for all your research projects. And all in good spirits!

Best wishes to you all!

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