CawiBox – Cassandra Cluster (just for fun)

During our experiments with the CawiBox, we asked ourselves a question: why not try to create a NoSQL database distributed only using Raspberry Pi?
As the data collected via our CAWI system are stored as pairs “key = value” NoSQL technology seems perfectly suited for this task.

We installed the database engine Apache Cassandra. This decision was made for many reasons, mainly because of the viability of the Cassandra project: it has been tested and it is used by the Internet giants like eBay, GitHub, Reddit, etc.
Apache Cassandra is based on Java: the fact that Oracle has released his JDK7 for ARM processors (including Raspberry Pi) is an extra motivation.

The project was successful and the Cassandra engine has been integrated in our CAWI system.

Here’s a little snapshot of my desk at the time of testing ;-)


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